Our team of Nutritionists would love to meet you!


Roxy Thomas, NNCP

  Roxy is the founder of Hearth and a registered Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. She graduated from the Edison Institute of Nutrition in 2015 and moved to Victoria from Ontario in 2018 . Her passion is to help others reach their optimal health and be the happy, healthy person they deserve to be. She specializes in digestion, diabetes management and overall body detoxes. On her free time, Roxy enjoys being by the ocean, spending time with family and friends, nature adventures and cooking.  


Sarah McLaughlin, CNP

  Sarah studied at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She approaches health in identifying the root cause by assessing each client's health background, lifestyle habits and nutritional intake. She also teaches people how to live a whole foods, plant based lifestyle so that they can reach optimal health. Sarah grew up just outside Vancouver, but had a year long adventure backpacking through New Zealand which sparked her love of travel and adventure. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and exploring as often as she can.  


Christine Marie Muir, RHN, CHC, RYT

  Born and raised in British Columbia, Christine is avid about the outdoors and loves to spend time exploring in mother nature any chance that she gets. Having practiced in a Naturopathic Clinic for 5 years she has learned very directly how food choices impact health and well being. It was there that she learned the importance of incorporating specific foods for specific ailments and watched her clients bodies come back to their highest vitality when assisted with the right foods and herbs.  

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