Nutritional Counselling & Personalized Cleanses

We offer two options to help you:


Personalized Juice Cleanses & Meal Plans


Detoxify, nourish and elevate your health with our personalized cleanse programs. Practiced by health enthusiasts around the world, juice cleanses provide you the opportunity to reset your digestive system, detoxify your body and welcome new, healthy habits. 

What we offer

You will receive a 20 minute consultation in person or over the phone with one of our Nutritionists to create the best cleanse for you.

Throughout your cleanse, your Nutritionist will be available via email or phone to answer any of your questions. 

Together, you and your Nutritionist will decide the length of your program. Most cleanses promote sudden diet and lifestyle changes in which often results in a negative experience.  We take customization to the next level with the options of adding plant based food for a gradual preparation and exit.

1 Day Cleanse (4 juices, 1 protein shake, 1 booster) 60$

2 Day Cleanse (8 juices, 2 protein shakes, 2 boosters) 100$

3 Day Cleanse (12 juices, 3 protein shakes, 3 boosters) 140$

Daily Meal Plan 25$ (protein milk, Lunch Salad & Dinner Salad)

Nutritional Counselling


Our Nutritional Counselling service is an in-depth consultation with one of our Registered Nutritionists. We offer educational information that may help you with health issues such as weight and diabetes management, overall body detoxification, digestive issues and much more. 

This service is offered in a session of two appointments (the initial appointment and the follow up) for a fee of 150$. 

Nutritional Counselling is also covered by certain Insurance Companies.

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