Prepared Meal Plans


HEARTH is committed to helping you feel your ultimate best. We understand finding the time to buy groceries and cook nourishing, delicious meals isn't always an option, which is why we created our Prepared Meal Plan program. 

What we offer

You will receive a 20 minute consultation in person or over the phone with one of our Nutritionists to create your meal plan. We will discuss your health goals, how many days you would like us to prepare for you, and of course, your favourite dishes! For your convenience, you may also order your personalized meal plans online here.

Our food is 100% gluten free, plant based and organic. We offer two options for our meal plans:

Option A: Light

Includes -one breakfast smoothie or chia seed pudding

 -creative lunch and dinner entrees

25$/ Day

Option B: Bigger Portions

Includes -one breakfast smoothie and chia seed pudding

-creative lunch and dinner entrees with side dishes

35$/ Day

No time to come see us in store? No problem! 

You can simply answer a few questions and we'll create your personalized meals for you.